A Reporter’s Notebook


For more than a decade I have been afforded a privilege few Africans enjoy- to tell our story- not only in my native South Africa- but from countries as diverse as Equitorial Guinea to Chad and beyond.

The following are a selection of stories depicting some of the journeys I have been on as an Africa Correspondent.


“Whatever the circumstances they have lived through and because of that experience, they are determined to define for themselves who they are and who they should be… Today it feels good to be an African”- Thabo Mbeki

A decade of African stories


Beauregard Tromp is a multi-media journalist who has reported from more than three dozen countries in Africa. He has been recognised repeatedly for his work and is a winner of the African and South African newspaper journalist of the year award. Tromp is the co-author of the biography of liberation fighter Chris Hani, a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University and is currently a senior reporter at The Sunday Times newspaper. 


e-mail: bltromp@gmail.com